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Are you Adventurous? Love to have fun? Do you find that the cold weather holds you back from doing the things you love? – Our Balaclava will get you through any weather! It will effectively protect you from the wind and the cold – Provides a soft, ergonomic cozy fit – Ideal for under a

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Are you Adventurous? Love to have fun? Do you find that the cold weather holds you back from doing the things you love?

– Our Balaclava will get you through any weather! It will effectively protect you from the wind and the cold
– Provides a soft, ergonomic cozy fit
– Ideal for under a helmet, or by itself

The GearTOP Balaclava is Made From Super Roubaix Fabric

– It is a quick drying, breathable, 4-way stretch material. We made sure you will be comfortable, keeping you dry and warm!
– It is a winter-weight microfiber that uses an interlocking knit construction. With a fit and external feel similar to standard Lycra, provides a thicker knit and cozy, Fleecy feel against the skin
– Provides you with the durability you are looking for in anything you buy! It will keep you comfortable and warm for many years!

You should know what separates us from the competition, its simple really:

– With a hinged design you are able to wear this balaclava in five different ways: over your head and covering your mouth, Full Face – under your chin, as a Face Mask, Neck Tube or as a Hat.
– One Size Fits Most

Our Guarantee

GearTOP Balaclava is Backed by A Hassle Free 100% Premium Lifetime Guarantee With A Personal Commitment From Our Company To Ensure YOUR Satisfaction!

SO ORDER NOW – And when you do, grab one for those accompanying you on your adventures! Your Family and Best Friends won’t be able to stop thanking you!

Product Features

  • SWEAT THIS AND NOT YOUR HELMET! This unique hat helps absorb and retain body heat, while wicking away moisture and reducing sweat build-up. Your helmet liner will be cleaner than ever before! Made of Super Roubaix Fabric, a soft, anti-odor, breathable material, you will stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry and comfortable all year round! Not to worry, your helmet will slide on and off easily!
  • PROVIDING YOU WITH MORE NEEDED PROTECTION: Protect your head and face from germs, allergies and sunburn, and keep warm in colder temperatures. Perfect for chilly mornings or windy days. Bright colours allow for high visibility. The mask dips over your nose, making sure it is covered for added protection! These balaclavas are also made longer to keep wind off your neck. Small enough to easily fit in any jacket pocket as an emergency go-to cap! One size fits most, protect your children as well!
  • KEEP YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE, AND SWEAT OUT OF YOUR EYES! Fits great, holds your hair in place, and keeps hair looking good after several hours in a helmet. The material also helps keep sweat from dripping into your eyes on hot days. Plus, the different wear styles are great as you can adjust how you wear the mask according to the weather! You have the ability to change the style. Wear this skullcap in the following styles: open or closed balaclava, hat, scarf/neck tube, face mask.
  • FITS YOUR HEAD PERFECT AND KEEPS EARS TOASTY. The lightweight, 4-way stretch material makes this beanie snug but not too tight! With covered ears, hold earbuds in place under your ski and bicycle helmet. NO MORE FOGGING! The cycling cap lets breath go through the material, stopping any fogging to your glasses and goggles, but still keeps your face warm. Best of all, flat stitching means no itchy, rough seams! Use for Motorcycle, Snowboarding, Running, Hunting, Fishing, Paintball, and more!
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All original GearTOP products come with a LIFETIME guarantee. If you experience ANY problems with these hats FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, contact us and we will refund every penny of your purchase, and ship you a new facemask FREE of charge. Order your GearTOP Tactical Balaclava today and experience the luxury of knowing you and your children are being protected! AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY: A life saver … You will not regret buying this!


Anonymous says:

Design flaws make this thing unusable unless you’re a child or petite bald man. I don’t really like this “headsock” at all and here’s why:Unlike my Under Armor headsock before, this thing is not a complete headsock, it’s almost like a neck warmer ninja mask with a skull-cap. The area around the eyes is nicely designed as it doesn’t ride up from below or down from the forehead to mess with your eyes. On the other hand the nose portion is a one-position only and all others press much too firmly into the nose area.I can still breathe unlike what others have posted, but it’s seriously uncomfortable on my nose. Same with the skull cap part of the balclava – it’s way too tight and needs to be positioned just right. It becomes even more difficult if you have any sort of hair whatsoever. I’m a male with short to medium cut and it makes the cap fit oddly.The neck coverage is good and the piece in general is warm and fits nicely inside my motorcycle helmet but other than that I wouldn’t waste my money on this product. Maybe after…

Anonymous says:

Poor design I am an avg sized woman and this is wayyy too tight . The other problem is breathing through it. There is no room in the nose area and my nose is squished. My breathe doesn’t flow through the material easily and it is uncomfortable. If you are petite this would be fine. Also look out if you suffer from claustrophobia, no joke intended. The neck area doesn’t have enough give and take so it feels,slightly, like choking. Not a good feeling. The only good thing I can see is the material on the forehead area keeps all your hair in. Did I mention that it fogs glasses ? Yes it does! Even with the nose area leaving my nose exposed, my glasses still fogged up! This is definitely only a winter product. I am sorry to say because there are too many bad features, I give it a thumbs down, in my opinion, and do not recommend. Honestly, I am very confused by all the great reviews. I hope people read this one and take heed, to not waste their money !!

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