d6ulr7 - Spreading cancer caught on film General 

Spreading cancer caught on film

Spreading cancer caught on film Media playback is unsupported on your device The way in which every single cancer cell spreads around the body has been captured in videos by a team in Japan. The normal body tissues show up as green, while the cancer comes out as intense red spots. The team, at the University of Tokyo and the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center, says the technology will help explain the deadly process. The research is on mice so far, but it is hoped the method could one day help…

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Wq666P - Vulnerable 'playing Russian roulette' choosing care General 

Vulnerable 'playing Russian roulette' choosing care

Vulnerable ‘playing Russian roulette’ choosing care Vulnerable people are playing “Russian roulette” when they need care in England, campaigners warn, as a quarter of services are failing on safety. The Care Quality Commission said drug errors, lack of staff and falls were major problems, after inspecting 24,000 services. Nursing homes had the worst problems, with a third falling short on safety. The CQC said the failings across services for the elderly and disabled were “completely unacceptable”. The findings mark the completion of the first round of inspections under the “tougher”…

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orJ1s2 - What makes eyes itch? Allergies 

What makes eyes itch?

What makes eyes itch? Itchy eyes caused by allergy affect people both young and old. When the allergy season strikes, you may get that familiar feeling of itchy eyes. But for many, it is more than just a nuisance – so what is the culprit causing you such distress? It’s histamine. You might already know this if you are taking antihistamine-containing medication for your allergies, which just so happen to be the number one cause of itchy eyes. But what does histamine actually do? The front of the eye, much…

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