kAYffY - Women graduates 'desperately' freeze eggs over 'lack of men' General 

Women graduates 'desperately' freeze eggs over 'lack of men'

Women graduates ‘desperately’ freeze eggs over ‘lack of men’ Professional women are freezing their eggs due to a “dearth of educated men to marry”, a US study has claimed. Yale University researchers suggested an “oversupply” of graduate women left them struggling to find a partner and “desperate” to preserve fertility. They said the “man deficit” was worse in countries where more women were going to university, as in the UK. The researchers interviewed 150 women who had frozen eggs, of whom 90% said they could not find a suitable partner….

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nHGzLL - NHS 'rationing leaves patients in pain' General 

NHS 'rationing leaves patients in pain'

NHS ‘rationing leaves patients in pain’ Vital NHS operations and treatments are being increasingly rationed in England, leaving patients in pain, doctors say. The treatments affected include hip and knee replacements and cataract surgery to help restore sight as well as drugs for conditions such as arthritis. Such care is normally given routinely, but the British Medical Journal has found evidence it is being cut back. The journal obtained data showing more doctors are having to resort to special appeals to get their patients treated. Local health bosses have blamed…

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